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Arthur is a 66 year old man. He has always had a love of pictures, which however only really surfaced 18 years ago when he bought his first computer. Those days the operating system was DOS and only in black and white. Arthur started designing birthday cards etc. for family events, grandchildren were small and loved the pictures which he printed. Finding suitable pictures became a major chore and very little was available on the internet, in fact you could not see the picture only the file title, and you downloaded in the hope it was suitable,  99% of the time it was not. When he bought his first scanner he decided to scan pictures from books and build up a collection for his own use. As the years went by the collection grew and grew. At long last colour scanners and printers appeared and he was able to start a colour collection as well.

Arthur designed his first Internet site in 1990. Situated in Tripod (tripod.com) a free home site he was limited to 200kbits of space. (yes 200kbits, today its 100Mbits) Memory was extremely expensive. He had 3 pages for the Vita Nova Centre a home for Cerebral Palsy adults and children. He has a son living there and was chairman of the Managing Committee.

As memory prices decreased and free internet sites multiplied Arthur decided to share his clipart with the then, small internet community. Using Tripod and other free homes he spread his clipart across the web. Eventually some 22 sites were intermingled and became very difficult to manage. He decided to overcome this and registered his first permanent home artursclipart.com.

When he retired in June 2007 Arthur decided to cease his internet activity as he could not afford it anymore and so closed his home site down. His clipart was still available on all the various free sites. In 2008 due to much demand he decided to start again, hopefully with Google adds helping to foot the bill. His previous home arthursclipart.com had been taken over by others for advertising purposes, so he had to settle for arthursclipart.org. Being retired he can now concentrate on his clipart and the collection is expanding rapidly with some 40,000 pics in 200 categories and subcategories using 4Gbits of memory.

Arthur's clipart is 100% private and unofficial and is not associated with any company, organisation or publisher in any way. I designed the website in 2009 for private, entertainment and educational purposes only. I am not endorsed by nor do I have any contact with any company or organisation. Visitors to this site must agree to use the clipart for non-profit and private purposes only. The characters and the  clipart images contained in  this site are copyrighted by their respective owners all rights reserved.

The final purpose of this site is to establish a huge clipart resource for private and educational purposes especially for those people, teachers and learners who can not afford to purchase books for their education, especially for the rural people of South Africa and the rest of the world.

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Last Updated April 2009