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Birds In Cages

There is a wide variety of birds that have been taken out of the wild and domesticated to become pets. These birds were once trapped alive in the wild and then exported to different countries to be sold. Nowadays most of the birds that you see in a pet store are the offspring of past generations of trapped birds.

Most countries now have laws in place that prohibit the trapping and exporting of birds. Some of the most common birds that you'll see for sale in pet stores include parakeets, canaries, finches, parrots, doves, cockatiels and cockatoos. These birds are sold to be kept as pets and live in bird cages or aviaries.
There are also bird breeders in every country that offer specialized birds for sale. If you're looking for a special breed of finch, for example, you can visit a finch breeder. Buying a bird from a breeder gives you a lot more selection than you would find at a regular pet store.

Bird cages were first used to housebirds about 4000 years ago. Before this time birds were kept in cages to be served as dinner and were not considered to be a pet. In ancient Greece parakeets were greatly admired while in ancient Rome many wealthy households had some kind of parrot as a pet.

Since the middle of the 1800s budgies have been a popular pet in the UK and the interest in pet birds in the United States really took off after the Civil War.




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