This comic book clip art is of large size and format and is suitable for presentations, school projects and coloring books. The images are too large for use on web pages, however you can use the thumbnail images for the net. Selections of both colour and black and white clip art are available. Please feel free to use them anyway you wish for non commercial purposes only. Please do not include these in any other collections of clip art.


A comic book (often shortened to simply comic and sometimes called a comic paper or comic magazine) is a magazine or book of narrative artwork and, virtually always, dialog and descriptive prose. Despite the term, the subject matter in comic books is not necessarily humorous; in fact, it is often serious and action-oriented.

Comic strips were soon gathered into cheap booklets and reprint comic books. Original comic books soon followed. Today, comics are found in newspapers, magazines, comic books, graphic novels and on the web. Historically, the form dealt with humorous subject matter, but its scope has expanded to encompass the full range of literariture and cartoon. In some circles, comics are still seen as low art, though there are exceptions, such as Krazy Kat and Barnaby. However, such an elitist "low art/high art" distinction doesn't exist in the French-speaking world (and, to some extent, continental Europe), where the bandes dessinées medium as a whole is commonly accepted as "the Ninth Art", is usually dedicated a non-negligible space in bookshops and libraries, and is regularly celebrated in international events such as the Angoulême International Comics Festival. Such distinctions also do not exist in the Japanese manga, the world's largest comics culture.



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Last updated August 2010