This free 100 human body clipart, human body organs graphics, human body illustrations body part clipart is of large format and is suitable for presentations and projects and school usage for both students and educaters etc. The large images are too big for use on the internet. However you may use the thumbnail clip art pictures for web pages. Selections of both colour and black and white clip art are available, tha latter are suitable for coloring books. Please do not use them in any other collections of clipart.


The human body is the entire physical and mental structure of a human organism, and consists of a head, neck, torso, two arms and two legs. By the time the human reaches adulthood, the body consists of close to 10 trillion cells, the basic unit of life. Groups of cells combine and work in tandem to form tissue, which combines to form organs, which work together to form organ systems.

The average height (in developed countries) of an adult male human is about 1.78 m (5'10") tall and the adult female about 1.6 to 1.7m (5'3" to 5'7") tall. This size is firstly determined by diet and secondly by genes.

Body type and body composition are influenced by postnatal factors such as diet and exercis The proportions of the human body are different from those of other animals. In art, these ratios are used in veristic depictions of the figure.

The organ systems of the body include the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system, digestive system, endocrine system, integumentary system, urinary system, lymphatic system, immune system, respiratory system, nervous system and reproductive system.

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