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Many so called insects are not really insects, these include millipedes. (Spiders are in a seperate category of their own). However as they are all members of a larger group of invertebrates called arthropods and are similar to insects in many ways, they are included in this section.

Insects, like other anthropods, have a hard outer body covering or shell but differ from all other creatures in having three distinct body parts. The head, thorax, abdomen and six legs.Most insects also have wings.

A million or so species of insects have been identified to date, but more are discovered every day and classified. The class insecta make up from three quarters to nine tenths of life on earth.

Because many insects are desructive to the same resources as used by humans and others are irritating or even dangerous with their bites and stings many people fear or hate all insects. Yet many more insect species carry out beneficial tasks, pollinating flowers, making honey and silk, feeding people and animals, than do harm.

We need to learn to work with insects rather than to destroy them with chemicals which poison our own world in the process.


Last updated December 2010