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This free clip art is of large format and is suitable for presentations and projects and school usage for both students and educaters etc. The large images are too big for use on the internet. However you may use the thumbnail clip art pictures for web pages. Selections of both colour and black and white clip art are available, tha latter are suitable for coloring books. Please do not use them in any other collections of clipart.

Toy Story is a 1995 American computer-animated family film, directed by John Lasseter and starring Tom Hanks and Tim Allen. The film was produced by Pixar Animation Studios and was distributed by Buena Vista Distribution. It was written by Joss Whedon, Andrew Stanton, Joel Cohen, and Ale Sokolow, and featured music by Randy Newman. The film was rated G by the MPAA, and PG by the BBFC. It is the first feature film in history produced using only computer animation.

The top-grossing film on its opening weekend, Toy Story went on to gross over $191 million in the United States during its initial theatrical release and took in more than $356M worldwide. Reviews were overwhelmingly positive, praising both the technical innovation of the animation and the wit and sophistication of the screenplay.





Last updated February 2009