Story Book Clipart

Free  StoryBook  clipart, storytime images, illustrations, gif bitmap graphics, Uncle Remus, Tom Sawyer, Johnny Appleseed, Peter Pan, Pied Piper, Mother Goose,  is of large format and is suitable for presentations and projects and school usage etc. The large images are too big for use on the internet. However you may use the thumbnail clip art pictures for web pages. Selections of both colour and black and white clip art are available. Please do not use them in any other collections of clipart.

 To download a thumbnail left click on the picture and then "Save As" to a directory of your choice. To download the full size image, first right click on the thumbnail and then left click on the full size image and "Save As" to a directory of your choice.


Clipart from many well known stories and maybe from not so well known stories. At the moment these are available only in black and white.


The story (or a short story) is a literary genre of fictional prose narrative that tends to be more concise and to the point than longer works of fiction such as novellas (in the modern sense of the term) and novels. As a point of reference, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America Nebula Awards for science fiction define a story as having a word count of 7,500 or less.




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